There are many types of billboards. Know everything before y
01 subway advertisement
Various advertisements set in the subway are collectively referred to as subway advertisements. Its forms include twelve light boxes, four aisle posters, special position light boxes, escalators, and posters in the carriage. It is characterized by a concentrated flow of people and a high degree of attention, which can increase the awareness of the product. Can be purchased separately or online.

02 Large Container Truck Advertisement
The bus belongs to mobile media, with the form of full-body painting and banner hanging panels on both sides of the body. It is characterized by wide contact area and high coverage, and can choose routes or regions according to the target audience. Can be distributed individually or online.
03 Airport Advertising
Billboards placed around and inside the airport. It is generally targeted at higher-level and higher-income audiences, such as business travellers and tourists.
04 Railway Station Advertisement
The advertising form set within the range of the railway station has been the main target audience since then. It is characterized by high foot traffic and can cover neighboring areas. Its advertising forms include light boxes, electronic screens, spotlight billboards, three-sided flips and so on.
05 Single Post Billboard
The billboards are placed on special support pillars, most of which are T-type or P-type pillars. The advertising devices are set up on highways, main roads and other places, and face dense traffic and people. The commonly used size is 6 meters high by 18 meters wide, mainly using spotlights as lighting equipment.
06 Large Light Box
It is placed on the building's exterior wall, roof or podium, etc. It is a color billboard during the day, and it lights up at night to become a light box advertisement for "inside lighting". Lightbox advertising has better lighting effects, but it is more difficult to maintain than spotlight billboards, and the tubes used are more prone to wear.
07 Billboard at the bus shelter
High-speed advertisements are set in outdoor media for bus shelters. Light boxes are the main form of expression. The advertisements arranged on such media are mainly consumer goods. You can purchase multiple stand kiosks individually or online to achieve wider coverage and even cover multiple cities.
08 Shopping mall signs
The form of advertising set within the mall has been the main target audience for shopping in the mall. It is characterized by high foot traffic and coverage of adjacent areas.
09 Spotlight Advertising
A billboard with spotlights or other lighting equipment around the billboard is called a spotlight billboard. Its characteristics are beautiful, the lighting effect is excellent at night, and the advertising information can be clearly seen.
10 Cross-bridge advertising
Advertising devices are set up on highways, major transportation arteries, etc., and face intensive traffic and people.
At present, the types of billboard production are basically the above. In the past, many advertisers, such as McDonald's, L'Oreal, Coca-Cola, Mazda, etc., have digitally changed the audience's perception of outdoor advertising. Has also changed the way brands interact with consumers. E.g:
McDonald's: Traffic jam? Stop by at nearby McDonald's
This is an outdoor advertisement done by McDonald's in the United Kingdom. The advertisement uses data from the Google Traffic API. Whenever there is traffic congestion during peak hours, McDonald's iconic golden arch pattern appears on the roadside billboard, with a sentence beside Intimate words: Traffic jam? Dawn is ahead.
Whenever traffic is smooth, the McDonald's Big Mac appears and tells the driver where McDonald's is nearby, and they can drop in to buy a burger home.
Mazda: Have you turned your head?
At the 2017 Canadian International Auto Show, Mazda showed a 15-second video at Toronto's Royal Bank Plaza to showcase its new MX-5 RF car.
Of course, Mazda doesn't just want to show off its new model. It also wants to know how many people are attracted to the new car. For this, the digital advertising board can tell it that the software behind this billboard can detect how many pedestrians are As I passed, I turned to look at this new car from Mazda, and it was displayed on the screen.
Burn it, billboards
In August 2017, an emergency occurred on Barry Hertzog Street in Johannesburg. Many people drove on the road and found that the smoke was billowing in front of them, as if a fire had occurred. But the Johannesburg fire brigade didn't seem to be in a hurry, because they knew it was just a gimmick from British American Tobacco South Africa (BATSA).
There is a huge tagline on the billboard: smoking illegal cigarettes will burn your house.
BATSA's move is to send a message to society: smoking cigarettes of unknown origin will not only harm the family, but also harm the society.