"Remembering the original heart, keeping this position,
“Remembering the original heart, keeping its own position and promoting cleanliness” Fulai New Material Integrity Training was held on January 12, 2020 in the production training room of our first factory. The meeting was chaired by Cheng Bingzhou, the executive director and party branch secretary. He trains attendees in four areas:
1. Significance of corporate integrity construction: Purify the working environment, establish a correct awareness, and safeguard the interests of the company.
2. Laws and regulations on the integrity of the profession: This section introduces the crimes of embezzlement, the bribery of non-state staff, the crime of infringing trade secrets, and the related regulations on integrity and discipline in the party.
3. Thoughts on the supervision of the integrity of the company: put forward suggestions from the perspectives of individual practitioners, corporate culture construction, and corporate system construction, and emphasize the role of party organizations in the construction of integrity in the industry.
4. Harm of corruption: Analyze the cost of corruption from four aspects: work, family, personal and economic.
At the end of the event, General Manager Tu of the company proposed that the heads of relevant departments should submit a summary of the integrity work before February 10, 2020, and summarized the future work from four aspects:
1. Improve the institutional processes and form a complete system to prevent corruption from being exploited;
2. Strengthen the education of law popularization, we must be in awe; start from small things, do n’t do small things for good, do n’t do small things for evil.
3. Strengthen cultural propaganda, set a clear and glorious guide to corruption and shame, and form a culture of integrity.
4. Form diversified supervision forms and enrich supervision channels.