Outbreak protection, resumption of work

  The prevention and control of the new pneumonia epidemic situation is directly related to the safety and health of employees. On the morning of March 3, Xia Houjun, chairman of Fulai New Materials, who is concerned about prevention and control, went to the production line to learn more about the prevention and control of the epidemic and resume work Resumption of production, accompanied by the company's general manager Tu Daji, deputy general manager Jiang Shufu, and administrative director Cheng Bingzhou.

   Every time he arrived at the factory, Xia Dong asked in detail about the distribution of masks, whether to take temperature measurements for employees, and whether the places where employees gathered were disinfected. Xia Dong also paid special attention to how the employees ate during the epidemic, how the quality of the meals, the dormitory occupancy of the staff, and whether the rented housing was properly handled. At the door of the slitting workshop, when I met the saluting employee, Xia Dong kindly asked when she came back, how she returned, how to eat at the company and other issues related to the basic living security of employees.
Xia Dong affirmed the epidemic prevention and control work of the Emergency Command and put forward the requirements for the work of resuming production and resuming production: First, adhere to the "two-handed grasp." In the current situation, we must go hand in hand with epidemic prevention and control and resumption and resumption of production, and comprehensively and comprehensively deploy various prevention and control tasks in resumption and resumption of production. The second is to attach great importance. During the current epidemic prevention and control period, the emergency command must grasp the details of epidemic prevention and control, unify standards, and unify thinking, and go all out to do the work of resuming production and resuming production. The third is to pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees. To protect the lives of employees, to care for and care for employees, to fully maintain the enthusiasm of the existing manpower, at the same time, Xia Dong is very concerned about employees of Hubei nationality, and asked each person in charge to pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees of Hubei nationality, to allow employees to rest at home waiting to return to work, etc The epidemic was resolved and we returned to the family of Fole.