Quality Awareness Knowledge Contest

At 8 am on May 19th, the Manufacturing Department of the Printing Materials Division held a quality awareness knowledge contest. TQM (Total Quality Management) is total quality management. Full participation is the foundation of this activity. In this activity, the manufacturing department takes the machine as a group and provides customers with high-quality services for the purpose of solving the causes and solutions of quality problems in production. Throughout the event, the event site was very active.
At the end of the event, Manufacturing Director Tu concluded: This event is very meaningful. As a manufacturer, we must keep in mind the following three points:
First, quality awareness: We must keep in mind the mission and responsibility of the manufacturer, which is to provide customers with cost-effective products;
Second, quality skills: We must have good working conditions and work skills, their quality is related to the quality of the product;
Third, quality execution: If we want to do a good job in product quality, we must have the execution ability, and print the work standards in our minds and execute them.